Andean potato latent virus

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Andean potato latent virus
Potato Andean potato latent virus.jpg
Scientific Classification
Family: Tymoviridae
Genus: Tymovirus
Species: Andean potato latent virus
Andean potato latent virus geographical distribution.PNG
Locations where Andean potato latent virus is present (light blue)
Andean potato latent virus

Potato Andean latent tymovirus

Potato Andean latent virus

Andean potato latent virus is a tymovirus, the principal host of which is potatoes although the virus can also be transmitted mechanically to species of Amaranthaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae.[1][2]


The symptoms vary depending on virus strain, potato cultivar and growing conditions. They range from mild to severe mosaic with necrotic flecking, curling and leaf-tip necrosis. A wide daily fluctuation in temperature, in particular cold conditions, seems to favour symptom expression in infected plants growing at high altitude. Severe symptoms are also induced in mixed infections with other potato viruses.[1]


As with all potato viruses, control depends on the production of high-quality seed potatoes from virus-free nuclear stock.[1]


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