Turnip yellow mosaic virus

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Turnip yellow mosaic virus
Cabbage Leaf Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus.jpg
Cabbage head showing symptoms of TYMV
Scientific Classification
Family: Tymoviridae
Genus: Tymovirus
Species: Turnip yellow mosaic virus
Cardamine yellow mosaic virus


Turnip yellow mosaic virus

Turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV) is a Tymovirus of the family Tymoviridae. Susceptible plants are confined almost entirely to the Brassicaceae family. It is readily transmissible by sap inoculation, and is transmitted in the field by flea-beetles. It has been reported from several European countries.[1]


During cool weather, infected plants remain stunted. Symptoms are mild in other Brassicas.[2]


Symptoms begin as vein clearing, but later on permanent yellow patches develop on older leaves.[2]

Chinese cabbage[edit]

Symptoms on Chinese cabbage develop as bright yellow and dark green mosaic patterns.[2]



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