Tomato ringspot virus

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Tomato ringspot virus
Cucumber Tomato Ringspot Virus.jpg
Tomato ringspot virus on a cucumber plant
Scientific Classification
Family: Comoviridae
Genus: Nepovirus
Species: Tomato ringspot virus
Tomato ringspot virus geograpphical distribution.png
Locations where Tomato ringspot virus has been confirmed (blue)[1]
Blackberry Himalaya mosaic virus

Euonymus ringspot virus
Grape yellow vein virus
Grapevine yellow vein virus
Peach yellow bud mosaic virus
Prune brown line virus
Prunus stem-pitting virus
Red currant mosaic virus
Tobacco ringspot virus 2

Winter peach mosaic virus

Tomato ringspot virus is a Nepovirus known to infect a wide variety of hosts other than tomatoes including cucumber, tobacco, beans and various woody and ornamental plants.[1][2] It is transmitted by adults and three larval stages of the nematode Xiphinema americanum.[2]



Local chlorotic spots; systemic chlorosis and mottle.

Fabaceae (beans)[edit]

Chlorotic local lesions; systemic rugosity and necrosis of tip leaves.


Local necrotic flecks; systemic mottle and necrosis.


No visible signs, or yellow mottling or ringspots on leaves. Low vigor and low productivity. Small crumbly fruit.


No visible signs, or yellow mottling or ringspots on leaves. Low vigor, low or no productivity.




Ensure area is weedfree. Protect plants from insect vectors.


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