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5th February 2011[edit]

25th October 2010[edit]

  • …that hardiness zones are geographically defined areas of minimum temperature in which specific categories of plant life are capable of growing?

5th September 2010[edit]

4th September 2010[edit]

25th August 2010[edit]

13th August 2010[edit]

  • …that the pathogenic fungus corn smut (Ustilago maydis) can be cultivated on sweet corn, harvested and cooked as a dish called "huitlacoche"?

1st August 2010[edit]

31st July 2010[edit]

  • …that the Red spider mite has two darker spots during summer, but as winter approaches it gains a strong red color?

30th July 2010[edit]

29th July 2010[edit]