Leaf spot

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Leaf spot
Watermelon Leaf Spot Alternaria alternata.jpg
Watermellon (Alternaria alternata)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Dothideomycetes
Subclass: Pleosporomycetidae
Order: Pleosporales
Family: Pleosporaceae
Genus: Alternaria
Species: Alternaria alternata
Alternaria fasciculata (Cooke & Ellis) L.R. Jones & Grout (1897)

Alternaria rugosa McAlpine (1896)
Alternaria tenuis Nees (1817)
Macrosporium fasciculatum Cooke & Ellis (1817)

Torula alternata Fr. (1832)

Leaf spot (Alternaria alternata) is a fungus which causes the appearance of round blemishes found on the leaves of many species of plants, mostly caused by parasitic fungi or bacteria.


A typical spot is "zonal", meaning it has a definite edge and often has a darker border. When lots of spots are present, they can grow together and become a blight or a blotch. Fungal spots are usually round or free-form in shape.



Treat with thiram or iprodione. Destroy diseased crops after harvest.


Avoid using overhead watering systems.


Iprodione, difenoconazole, tebuconazole and strobilurin are suitable protectants.

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