Lavandula dentata (French lavender)

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French lavender
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Scientific Classification
Genus: Lavandula
Species: Lavandula dentata
Spanish lavender
Lavandula santolinifolia

French lavender (Lavandula dentata) is a species of lavender native to Spain, hence both L. dentata and L. stoechas are known as "Spanish lavender" interchangeably. It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant and its essential oil is used in perfumes.[1] This aromatic shrub grows up to nearly a meter in height. The gray-green, linear or lance-shaped leaves have toothed edges and a lightly woolly texture.[2] Its native habitat includes low hills with limestone substrates amidst other shrubs. It is present on Madeira and the Canary Islands.[3]

Growing[edit | edit source]

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Troubles[edit | edit source]

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