Cucurbita pepo 'Honey bear'

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Honey bear
Honey Bear Squash.jpg
A young Honey bear squash growing on straw
Scientific Classification
Species: Cucurbita pepo
Open pol

Honey bear is an F1 variety of Acorn squash which is a squash. It is a sweet squash that's intended to be halved and baked in its shell.[1]

The plant is very compact and bushy, rather than vining. Each plant should grow about 2-3' tall with only about a 4-5' spread. The fruits are mature when they reach about 1 lb, so 2 people can split one with no leftovers.

It’s still a rather long season crop, maturing, on average, in 100 days, but it is bred for powdery mildew tolerance, so the vine won’t give out in summer heat, before the fruit ever ripens. ‘Honey Bear’ continues to set and bear fruit until frost.


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