Carrot fly

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Carrot fly
Carrot fly Chamaepsila rosae.jpg
A carrot fly (chamaepsila rosae)
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Section: Schizophora
Family: Psilidae
Genus: Chamaepsila
Species: Chamaepsila rosae
Musca rosae Fabricius, (1794)

Psila rosae Fabricius, (1794)

Chamaepsila hennigi Thompson & Pont, (1994)

Identifying Features[edit | edit source]

Tunnelled roots. Leaves turn reddish and wilt in sunny weather, later turning yellow. This is the major pest of carrots and also affects parsnips. Seedlings are killed; mature roots are riddled and often rot. Attacks are worse in dry soils.

Treatment[edit | edit source]


Prevention[edit | edit source]

Grow carrots away from tall plants. Sow thinly and destroy any young plants removed during thinning. There is no chemical treatment available for the soil before sowing. Cover the seedlings in fine netting during spring. If carrot fly is a known problem: lift roots of early varieties no later than August and delay the sowing of maincrop carrots until June, lifting as soon as possible.

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