Capsicum annuum 'Charleston hot'

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Charleston hot
Chilli Charleston hot.jpg
Charleston hot chillies at varying stages of maturity
Scientific Classification
Species: Capsicum annuum
Variety: Capsicum annuum var. annuuum
Plant Data
· · · · 5 · · · ·
Scoville heat units: 70,000-100,000
References: [1]

The Charleston hot cayenne chilli was developed by the USDA at Clemson University in South Carolina. It produces thin fruit maturing from light green to orange in 72 days. As with most cayenne, the fruit are straight to slightly curved and 10-13cm (4-5in) long and 2cm (¾in) across. Plants are 46cm (18in) tall. A very hot, wild, miniature chili pepper usually harvested in the wild in the southwestern U.S.[1]


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