Capsicum annuum 'Pequin'

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Scientific Classification
Species: Capsicum annuum
Variety: Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum

Bird pepper
Chile bravo (wild)
Chile del monte (woodland)
Chile petin

Plant Data
Disease resistances: Tobacco mosaic virus

Potato virus Y
Phytophthora blight
Tobacco etch virus
Bacterial leaf spot of pepper R1
Bacterial leaf spot of pepper R2
Bacterial leaf spot of pepper R3
Pepper mottle virus
Tomato spotted wilt virus

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Scoville heat units: 140,000*
References: [1][2]

Pequin is a wild bird pepper. There are two types of pequins, one called Chiltepin which is tiny and round and the more oval shaped ones called Chilipiquin. Chile pequin is the Nahautl language word corrupted to the present day word.[3]

Growing[edit | edit source]

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Pequins do not take well to cultivation and must be hand picked so are not widely available in supermarkets. Plants fruit best in second year and should be brought indoors to overwinter.[3]

Troubles[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]


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